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Among his many intuitive and artistic gifts, James Tucker was an impressive inspirational writer. He authored the Spirit Guide Column for the Hometown News in Fort Pierce, Florida for over ten years, and to all his many fans and admirers throughout the country, this is one of the last columns written by James...

Angels living on the earth

Posted: Friday, April 13, 2012

There are five levels and dimensions of energy that we are aware of and recognize. In addition, there are highly-evolved souls who travel through many dimensions and live an ungrounded existence at perhaps higher levels of vibration.

Some students of the deeper mysteries claim there is a lower world, where the lost souls live, as well.

An example of the different levels of energy for example, can be understood with the spectrum of light. The human eye range can see the seven basic colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet.

However there are levels below, such as infrared below and ultra-violet above that can't be seen with the eye, but can be felt at the sub-conscious level.

There is a range of sound waves the human ear can pick up. But below this threshold, there are the long, sonar waves. Above human hearing are the short, ultra-sonic ones that dogs and other animals can hear and we cannot. A dog whistle is a good example of this.

The first dimension of the five levels can best be described as the "physical world of created forms." This is the realm of the physical body and other forms.

The second dimension is what I call, "the conscious mind." It is our regular level of thinking, analysis and reasoning. The seat of this power resides mostly in the left brain. It is the level where two plus two have to equal four to be valid.

The third dimension is "the right brain consciousness." This is the realm of love, emotions, feelings, sensing and what we call "the heart." Most of us, most of the time live in these three dimensions. It could be called the "worldly" side of life.

The fourth dimension is "the spiritual nature." This is the realm of the soul and home of the angels.

The fifth dimension is the universe itself, light and the "source" of every thought, feeling and created form. The universe is electrical by nature. We see this energy in a thunder and lightning storm.

I have met a number of people living in the three-dimensional world, who are doing the work of angels. The way to identify these special souls is that they have found a deep and meaningful purpose for their lives.

Their greatest joy doesn't come from material possessions. The source of their happiness is in the humanities.

Teachers, healers, counselors, visionaries, artists and communicators of the written and spoken word, among others, give hope and promise and a sense of joy by the way they live their lives.

They are the peacemakers who want everyone to be happy. Angels can be recognized by the great amount of unconditional love and light they send out. Many live a simple, natural life, without the need for extravagant lifestyles beyond their means.

They live in abundance, not lack. Abundance starts with a vision and the ability to manifest and create the provisions needed to feel safe, and have plenty left to share with others in need.

Angels on the earth are calm, relaxed souls who live in faith instead of fear. Their cup is half full rather than half empty and there is more on the way.

This natural flow of positive energy keeps the angels safe and protected because of their own guardians and spiritual connections. These are the happy ones. Look up to people who have these divine qualities. They are the angels living on the earth. They should be our role models.

Besides being our teachers and spirit guides, they were our grandmothers and grandfathers and ancestors who came before and put their ageless wisdom in our hearts and souls for all our days.

When you see an angel on earth, give thanks and show gratitude. It opens the heart and takes us higher in our own soul's evolution.

There is greatness living in you right now yearning to be set free. You can do it. It's your destiny. Go inside, find your angel, bring it out and set it free. Now, your life is justified and all is well for all your earthly days. The sweetest news is the best is yet to come.

Until next time, never give up on your dream, your purpose and your passion. Keep on keeping on.

James Tucker

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