Mystic Art Contributions

Wizard of a Thousand Kings

by Bryan Lahr

     I knew James Tucker for over twenty years. I met him at a psychic fair in atlanta many moons ago. He read my palm, looked me dead in the eye in that WAY he had and said some things that to this day have never left me. I saw him a few times in atlanta and then we kinda  fell out of touch until i moved to florida. I rode up to see him one day and a truly special friendship took root.
      He showed me so many new and wondrous things, gifts that have continued to grow over the years. Like the tarot. James read with a deck called the sacred dakini oracle. It was the first deck a teacher gave me. I still have it today.
I dove in with a fervor. Love the tarot, runes, the iching numerology, astrology, we explored them all.
      All the sudden 20 years had flown by. Neither one of us were as spry as we were. And as life will, it lead us in different directions for a time and we had fallen out of touch.
      This past year i began my to create my own tarot deck from scratch. A monumental undertaking. I began shooting images on the winter solstice and completed the images on the spring equinox ,,,to the day. The creation of the deck was the most intense experience of my life.
      Then out of the blue, James and i connected again. I was ecstatic. I told him about my deck and some of my magickal adventures. You could hear the pride well up in his voice...awesome. Still makes me smile.
      We made plans to get together and catch up. I was bringing him a deck and a big hug and a boat load of love.

      That weekend James flew away.

      I pulled a card for james....the magus....what else?.

      now whenever it’s dark and i think about him i see a firefly.

      i miss my friend.