In Loving Memory of James Tucker

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James Tucker

11/29/1938 - 4/12/2012

To all those who knew James, I’m sure you will appreciate the following paragraph. They were his last written words.

“My greatest wish is that you find this great treasure vault of joy, love, hope and purpose, bring them out, move them forward and let this high magic bring you life's richest blessings. No matter what form they take in reality, you can do it. You were born to do it. Then help other's searching to find their truth and healing. This is a great life well lived. The sweetest news is the best is yet to come.”

James was one of the most sharing individuals on earth. His life was indeed well lived and the sweetest news is, that he is in spirit now, where he is truly at home exploring the infinite vaults of joy, love, hope and purpose. The best news is that there are no limits to what he can and will do to continue helping others.

"Until next time, never give up on your dream, your purpose and your passion. Keep on keeping on." - James Tucker

A Celebration of life was held for James on June 16 on the river bed across from his home on Indian River Drive in Jensen Beach. Click here to view more photos of the celebration.

This site is being created to honor James Tucker. If there is anything you would like to contribute to this site, please email Jeanne Marie Antoinette at the link below.


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